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7 Essential Carpet Cleaning Tools Every Professional Must Have

Professional carpet cleaners must have a few essential tools in their arsenal. When removing stains, dust, and dirt from carpets, the right tool or equipment can make all the difference. In this article, we will explore the seven most important carpet cleaning tools every professional needs to have.

1. A Good Vacuum 

A good, reliable, high-powered vacuum is essential for getting rid of dirt and dust. For professional carpet cleaners and home improvement professionals, vacuum cleaners are one of the most commonly used tools of the trade. Your commercial-grade vacuum cleaner should have a powerful motor, strong suction, a hose, and wheels at the minimum.

Equipment Sales

PCCS can help you find the best carpet cleaning equipment for your needs. With a wide range of equipment, we can customize the perfect solution to suit your business needs. This includes everything from simple shampooers to heavy-duty mobile extractors and everything in between. We also have an extensive inventory of cleaning chemicals and tools available for purchase, including shampoos, powders, detergents, and more. 

2. High-Quality Shampoo

As you can imagine, a high-quality rug shampoo will make carpets look and feel new again. A good rug shampoo will help remove stains and odors while at the same time leaving the carpet clean, soft, and fluffy.

Rug shampoos are available in different sizes, scents, and formulas for every unique need. When choosing one for your business needs, it is important to consider the size and fiber/material type you’re servicing. At Professional Carpet Cleaners Supply, we have an array of options for your needs at best possible prices.

3. Stain Remover

An effective stain remover is essential for professional carpet cleaning businesses specializing in commercial cleaning, residential services, or anything in between. Since there are many options available on the market, it’s important to consider what type of stains you frequently come across and whether you need an all-purpose solution or a specialty one. From fungicides to vandalism, PCCS carries some of the best products for removing stains so you can perform your job effectively and efficiently.

4. Spot Extractor

Portable spot extractors are one of the most frequently used tools that most professional carpet cleaning technicians use regularly. That’s why a reliable, top-performing machine is a necessity. At the minimum, spot extractors push out stains and dirt from carpet fibers using high pressure rather than soaking them in chemicals or water when using a wet vac. If you’re looking for one of the top spot extractors on the market, we recommend the CDX 12 Gallon Portable Extractor.

5. Rotary Brush Machine and Pads

Rotary brush machines are heavy-duty tools that include several unique innovations that make carpet cleaning better and faster. Depending on which model you choose, the extractor heads and staggered injector system can thoroughly break up soils and put solutions deep into carpet fibers with minimal heat loss, restoring dirty carpets and making them look new again. While there are many options out there, we recommend the Hoss 700 Rotary Cleaning Tool or the Hydramaster RX-20 NEXTGEN if you’re looking for the best results possible.

6. Hot Water Extraction Machine

A hot water extraction machine is a carpet cleaning tool that uses hot water, detergent, and vacuum suction to clean and restore carpets. The hot water extraction machine uses a powerful vacuum to remove dirt, then sprays the carpet with heated water and stain-fighting detergent. The dirty solution is then extracted from the carpet with advanced vacuuming systems. This cleaning method is beneficial for removing stains from carpets that have not been cleaned in years.

This method can be used on just about any flooring, including tile floors, hardwood flooring, or even concrete floors!

7. Stain Guard Protector Spray

Stain guard protector spray is a must-have for any professional carpet cleaner. This product can be used to protect surfaces from dirt, stains, and spills. It also helps keep carpets looking new for longer by creating a protective barrier that repels dirt and liquids.

Stain guard protector spray can protect almost any carpet, including wool, synthetic fibers, nylon, and polypropylene. This product will eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals on carpets to clean them because it goes into the fiber rather than being sprayed onto the surface of the fabric.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Supply Has You Covered!  

Having the right tool for the job is vital. No matter what specialty business you’re running, you need reliable, efficient means to get the job done and guarantee your customers’ satisfaction. PCCS is the number one place to find all your carpet cleaning supplies. All our equipment comes with warranties, and we also offer service and maintenance for both the brands we carry and your existing tools to extend the longevity of your investments. Check out our selection today!