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6 Essential Carpet Cleaning Supplies for Cleaning and Restoration Professionals

Carpets are made from high-density fibers that easily retain stains and trap odors, serving as a breeding ground for microorganisms if not cleaned regularly. 

Professional carpet cleaning is essential to keep floors clean, fresh, and great-looking. To provide top-notch service, professional cleaning, and restoration, companies must have the right tools at their disposal. Whether restoring a worn-out carpet or simply giving it a deep clean, having the best cleaning supplies is crucial to achieving outstanding results. In this blog, we’ll explore six essential carpet cleaning supplies that every cleaning and restoration professional should have in their toolkit. 

Vacuum Cleaner  

A vacuum cleaner is the most critical carpet cleaning tool your employees will require for day-to-day cleaning tasks. Invest in a vacuum cleaner with an adjustable beater bar so it can be used on different types of carpets. 

Other aspects to consider while selecting a vacuum include the following:

  • Weight: You want to avoid moving heavy equipment from one site to another.
  • HEPA-microfilter system: Purchase a machine capable of removing tiny dust particles and improving air quality. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration systems remove pollen, dust, and pet hair.
  • Motorized brush: Your vacuum cleaner should include a motorized brush that can be used for deep carpet cleaning and deactivated to maintain the finish on bare floors.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment 

Cleaning and restoration professionals remove deeply rooted dirt, germs, and stains. Two sorts of machinery are available: dry carpet cleaners and steam cleaners. To satisfy the expectations of your clients, you should ideally have both. Either way, a carpet cleaner will cost more than a conventional vacuum cleaner. 

Also, remember that specific machines demand certain detergents, so make sure you read all the product information before purchasing. When selecting the best carpet cleaner, consider the pricing, your client’s needs, and the carpet cleaning chemicals you use. 


A defoamer is required for some carpet cleaners (foam created by carpet detergents can limit the machine’s effectiveness and increase drying time). Defoamers are diluted combinations of oils or silicone, which are excellent for removing foam and accelerating drying. 

Many carpet cleaning tool manufacturers provide branded items to extend the life of their equipment. The key is to select a product that will protect your equipment. To do so, follow the instructions in the user manual that came with your system. 

Stain Removers 

Stain removers (sometimes referred to as spot-cleaning solutions) are detergents that help remove carpet stains. You should have various options with you to use for different situations, from deep set-in stains to simple surface blemishes. These items come in multiple sizes and prices, so research before picking which to add to your carpet cleaning toolbox. As a general rule, avoid things that contain hazardous or acidic compounds. 

PCCS carries a variety of spot cleaners, boosters, deodorizers and detergents at unbeatable prices. Check out our selection and get all the tools you need for your carpet cleaning business in one place! 

Air Scrubbers 

Air scrubbing machines are portable air filtering equipment that allows carpet cleaners to remove tiny dirt particles and unpleasant odors after cleaning the carpet. 

This equipment is necessary because minute particles like skin cells, dirt, or pet hair stay in the air even after a thorough carpet cleaning. Air scrubbers remove them, improving the air quality in the space. Your customers will appreciate your thorough attention to detail and the quality of your services if they can smell and breathe better once you’re done. 

Carpet Rake 

A carpet rake helps you dig deep into a carpet’s fibers to remove dirt, pet hair, and dust. Furthermore, this tool primes carpets to absorb cleaning chemicals more quickly and efficiently. 

Carpet rakes are similar to brooms, except they have stiffer bristles that penetrate the carpet to loosen and eliminate hair, debris, and dirt. They might be constructed of rubber or silicone and feature adjustable handles for greater efficiency. 

#1 Source for Cleaning and Restoration Professionals  

While lush carpets and rugs are gorgeous additions to residential and commercial spaces, they’re home to stains, odor, dirt, and germs. Regular cleaning is essential, and when performed correctly with the right tools and expertise, it can generate consistent revenue for your business growth. 

Professional Carpet Cleaners Supply (PCCS) is your one-stop shop for carpet cleaning chemicals, supplies, equipment, and training. Our primary focus is to help businesses like yours succeed by providing the highest quality equipment at the most competitive prices. We also offer service and maintenance for equipment purchased through PCCS or elsewhere to ensure you always have everything you need to keep your carpet cleaning company open for business.  

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